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Examples of Hooliganism

Examples of Hooliganism



Below are some recent incidents which has taken place in various countries

was about 4 hours before the game aek - olympiakos, when a group of about 150 aek hooligans attacked a central club of olympiakos fans. about 30 people were defending the club and fought against aek hooligans. one of them, a 22 year-old lad, was stabbed in the chest and had to be commited in the hospital in critical condition as the stab was inches away from his heart. thankfully now he is recovering though still in intensive care.

about 2 hours before the game a big group of olympiakos supporters, who were arriving, near aek's stadium was attacked by a group of home hooligans who were throwing flares, torches, stones, sticks etc. olympiakos hooligans retaliated as many of them were wearing helmets (they arrived on motorbikes), and soon forced aek hooligans to retreat after some fighting. they chased them but were forced back by the riot police who had just arrived, the police used tear gas.

the worst incidents took place inside the stadium when 30 minutes before kick-off many aek hools (it is believed that 9 Livorno lads were among them) invaded into the pitch as there is no security fence into this stadium. the riot police tried to force them back but the cops had to reterat as the resistance they faced was too much for them to handle. again stones, torches, riped-off seats and metal bars were used against the police. reinforcements came and the riot police made many batton charges but each time aek hooligans were retaiating succesfully. the cops couldn't enter their stand as they faced resistance by many people. many fans and riot policemen were injured during the fights.

:: NAC - NEWCASTLE       15/10/2003

87 english fans were arrested by dutch police before the uefa match in holland. former newcastle united player john anderson, who was commentating on the game for bbc, said trouble flared when fans from chelsea and dutch rivals feyenoord came together. but dutch police believe most fans arrested were newcastle supporters. fans clashed in the town of breda in an area packed with bars and discos before the game. fighting broke out and bottles and glasses were thrown, smashing windows. a group of 77 fans were arrested at one time, and taken by bus to a police prison.

:: AVELINO - NAPOLI       20/9/2003

italian second division experienced one of the biggest fights in last 3 years. result? 19 year old tifosi from napoli is between life and death, and more than 19 people were wouded. this is the first conclusion of derby match between avellino and napoli. match, that never started!

the incidents began at about 8 pm outside the Curva Nord entrence. many napoli ultras tried to enter stadium without tickets, because the match was sold out. police had everyting under control for only few minutes. situation got worse, when a young napoli lad fell off the fence. about 10 meters high. about 200 ultras of napoli got mad, broke the fences and entered the stadium and the pitch! they fought the police for about 30 minutes! the match was never played, because the 19 years old conditions were too critical. 2 days later this young supporter died!

:: SPARTA PRAGUE - CHELSEA FC       18/9/2003

only about 2000 english fans made the trip to prague for this championīs league match. everyone expeted more from them. for some 8 years you hear about chelsea headhunters and most violent group in england and then bunch of older blokes arrives. all english look the same. bold, crap tatooes and bottle of beer in their hand.

still they looked like they had a good time. most of them drinking and singing at old town square. there was a small incident just before the match by the stadium, when home supporters started to throw bottles at cfc fans. some of the english (group of 30) started to shout and looked like they would have it right there. still police had it under control very quickly.

nothing special at the match, average support from both sides, chelsea fans started to sing after the goal. group of 30+ sparta lads went to the town after match and attacked first group of chelsea supporters, in about same number, they met. some of them laid good punches, but most of them ran away, while throwing bottles and even showing knifes.

over all sparta prague lads are a bit dissapointed with chelsea performance, but itīs obvious, that english group, that made the trip were not casuals. well, not all of them, anyway.

:: 12 PEOPLE INJURED IN TURKEY       16/8/2003

twelve people, including policeman, were injured in turkey during a massive fight between trabzonspor and fenerbahce fans. the fight had to be stopped by 300 cops using gas.


Right before the first swim-up in the duel of the two neighbour countries here at Kranj outdoor-pool it was obvious that there was a serious problem. Security forces were in position, but it was obviously that they not prepared to face the serious problem. Quite a number of fans had come from Croatia (a journey to Zagreb only takes one and half hour), and many of them already entered the venue without permission. Other fans were sitting on the roofs of small buildings around the pool-side.

Hungary's bronze medal winners had already left the pool-sides before the game. A presentation before the game did not take place, just the line-ups were announced. According to first impression news Slovak referee Vlastimil Kratochvil was hit during the regular playing team by a projectile and marginally injured, but he went on. At the half-time Serbian supporters, which mere a minority here togight, entered the venue and went on the press gallery directly, but behaved well. For safety reasons the first journalist at the press gallery were already leaving before the final whistle, and they did a wise decision.

A few seconds before the end the riots at main gallery, where the majority of Croatian fans stayed during the match. According to first news the riots were caused by Croatian football hooligans. Seats were broken out of the anchoring to be thrown in the pool and later in the direction of the Serbian bench. Some people were injured; a part of the journalists and supporters were caught on the galleries for security reasons for almost half an hour. Some of them, including the author, were nevertheless hit by stones. A victory ceremony did not take place any more for security reasons. One person fall down from the press gallery, was seriously injured and died later in a hospital.

:: ENGLAND ESCAPES THE BAN       2/5/2003

English Football Association have escaped with a fine after UEFA's disciplinary body ruled on the incidents that marred England's 2-0 Euro 2004 qualifying win over Turkey at the Stadium of Light.

There had been fears that England might have had to play their next qualifier, against Slovakia at the Riverside Stadium on June 11, behind closed doors after some England fans were involved in racist chants while others mounted a pitch invasion after both goals.

But, taking into account England's previous record at home internationals, UEFA instead settled for a fine of 150,000 Swiss francs (Ł75,000) - the biggest ever imposed by European football's governing body for a racism-related charge.

:: MADNESS IN GREECE       8/4/2003

match between ofi kreta and panionis athens was disturbed by violence. after the final whistle about hundred supporters of both teams invaded the pitch and started to fight.

"it was disgusting, i have never seen anything like this. greek league is sadly famous for violence and the fans are mad and very vivid, but this was too much. mass fight couldnīt be stopped in less than 20 minutes. we were safe by then, the match was nervous from the beginning, when referee made some dodgy decisions. fans of panionis started to cover the pitch with plastic seats and stones. police couldnīt stop both groups of angry supporters and thatīs how the fight broke.

:: ENGLAND - TURKEY       3/4/2003

Police arrested 95 people as violence flared before, during and after England's match with Turkey in Sunderland. One supporter was injured as hundreds of England fans clashed with police on Wednesday evening. Those arrested were all taken to police stations in the Northumbria Police area. Among those held were 25 individuals known to be associated with hooligan elements of Sunderland and Newcastle football clubs, police said.

Another group of about 30 suspected troublemakers were arrested in Fawcett Street in Sunderland after a disturbance when a press photographer was assaulted. Police on horses, backed up by officers with dogs, baton charged England supporters who were besieging the Turkish end at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland.

The match had been given a high police priority, with around 1,000 officers on duty to prevent trouble between England fans and 5,000 Turkish supporters. At the height of the violence bottles, car wheel trims and bar stools were thrown at police. Superintendent Jim Campbell, of Northumbria Police, said the policing of the event had been successful.

:: SLASK WROCLAW - ARKA GDYNIA       31/03/2003

it was one of the biggest fights in history. about 400 hooligans met before the match between slask wroclaw and arka gdyna. on one side 200 lads in white t-shirts from wisla, lechia and motor lublin. on the other 200 people in green shirts (100 from lech poznan, 50 from arka and 50 from zaglebie lubin). it was told that the fight will be without weapons, but home supporters didnīt adhere to the rules (they used metal bars, knifes and some axes). thatīs probably, why they did win. 16 people were taken to the hospital and one of them didnīt make it. he died on the way in ambulance car. his name was Mariusz, was 24 years old and supported arka. as i know, he was not stabbed, he ran into a street lamp and was then kicked to death on the floor.

some water cannons, police helicopter and many police units then arrested 120 participants of the fight. the number increased later on to 239 hooligans arrested. some of them had a court already and were charged with public disorder and attempted murder.


about 500 supporters of roman club Lazio demonstrated outside a local jail sunday, voicing displeasure with the arrests of several of their fellow fans in recent weeks. on friday, police arrested 12 Lazio supporters in connection with riots that erupted at the end of a lazio - juventus preseason match last august. Overall, about thirty fans of the team -- who have a long history of stadium misbehavior, including violence and racist slogans -- have been arrested in the past month.

as police tried to stop the fans from blocking a major traffic artery of the italian capital's downtown, fans unfurled a large banner that read "not 30 but 10,000 are responsible," referring to the number of arrests and the number of "ultra" fans that normally sit in the olympic stadium's north end. in a show of "ultra" solidarity, the lazio fans were joined by about 50 hard-core supporters of city rival as roma.


there were a big troubles during the match between radnicky nis and partizan belgrade in yugoslavia. partizan supporters invaded a pitch in a first half several times and fought against security. match had to be stopped and players were sent back to their dressing rooms.

special police force had to be called and it took them about 20 minutes before partizan lads went back to their seats. nice to see partizan back at scene again, as they bellong to the top of in europe.
:: ASTON VILLA - BIRMINGHAM CITY       04/03/2003

About 40 fans were arrested and two police officers injured as trouble flared before and after the game at Villa Park. "The behaviour of some supporters has been atrocious and put many people in danger," said a West Midlands police spokesman. "The police enquiry will continue and seek to identify those not yet arrested."

 derby opět provázely násilnosti Fans came onto the pitch, with one spectator confronting City midfielder Robbie Savage, while Villa followers tried to attack Blues supporters situated in the Doug Ellis Stand after the second goal from Geoff Horsfield secured victory for Steve Bruce's side. It was a throwback to the first meeting between the clubs in September when a Blues fan - later jailed for four months - ran onto the St Andrews pitch and taunted Villa 'keeper Peter Enckelman after his bizarre own goal.

FA spokesman Adrian Bevington said: "We are already in the process of communicating with Aston Villa following events at last night's match.

:: BOLTON - MAN UNITED       26/02/2003

A huge fight broke out between more than 150 rival football fans at Bolton railway station -- leaving dozens of passengers terrified.

More than 100 Wanderers supporters are believed to have spilled out of nearby pubs to fight with a 60-strong Manchester United mob following the teams' 1-1 draw at the Reebok Stadium. There were 12 arrests, including one for possession of an offensive weapon, following the battle and one man was taken to hospital with a head injury. Rail staff cowered behind their counters and passengers looked on in terror as United fans got off a train from Manchester and charged across a walkway from the platform below. They were met by a crowd of Wanderers fans and a brawl broke out. The station was a scene of chaos following the fighting, with blood splattered across the floor and walls.

One onlooker, who asked not to be named, said: "The United fans came running out of the station as the Bolton fans came pouring in. They fought in the foyer and then back along the passage way. It was terrifying."

:: AC TORINO - AC MILAN       23/02/2003

A full scale riot in one of the Stadio Delle Alpi's stands and an attempted pitch invasion forced the abandonment of the Torino-AC Milan match on Saturday night.

Torino fans demonstrating against owner Cimminelli and the team as they trailed 3-0 through goals by Pippo Inzaghi on two minutes, and Clarence Seedorf on 43 and 48. The fans started hurling plastic seats and even a few refigerators from the stand and broke through the plexiglass wall but were forced back into the stands by the police, who then had to resort to tear gas to chase away the rioting fans.

 tifosi ac turín After a first attempt by referee Palanca to get the game restarted after the interval, play had to be halted on 65 minutes when the effects of tear gas were first felt by players and officials. The teams left the pitch while the rioters exited the stadium and began clashing with more police forces outside.

The Italian news agency ANSA said a group of Torino fans had tried to enter the players' area of the stadium but had been blocked by police. ANSA said six police had suffered injuries and police were holding one man in relation to the incidents. The match was awarded to Milan with the 3-0 score standing and Torino will be heavily fined.

During the week, a masked commando had broken into the Torino offices and thrown horse manure at some of the directors, an act which had been played down before the game by Torino president Romero but which had set the tone for Saturday's events.

 ac turín - ac milan The Italian Government had passed into a law on Friday a proposal to stiffen the penalties for football hooligans. It is hoped that will enforced as soon as possible. 'This is demoralising and I feel shaken and dejected,' Football League president Adriano Galliani told. 'These things only happen in Italy, they don't happen in Spain and in England. Teams that are relegated get applauded off the field,' said Galliani who is also vice-president of Milan. īI saw lads there who were trying to wreck everything and do harm. I am disturbed by this and I want to know what is in their heads?

'Maybe this was pre-planned. Certainly there was nothing that happened on the pitch that could justify that kind of behaviour,' said Galliani. The clashes were latest in a series of violent incidents in Italian football and the second time a Serie A match has failed to finish this season after Como's match against Udinese in December was stopped because of crowd trouble.

September 23: Roma's French defender Jonathan Zebina is attacked by fans outside the club's training ground following a home loss to Modena.

November 18: A Serie B match between Cagliari and Messina was abandoned after Messina's goalkeeper, Emanuele Manitta, was beaten unconscious by a fan. On the same day in Serie A, there was violence after Como had a goal disallowed during their home fixture against Lazio, while in the evening fans and police clashed ahead of the Turin derby between Juventus and Torino.

November 29: Napoli defender Francesco Baldini was attacked by a group of fans on mopeds as he was driving home from a Serie B match against Palermo. Baldini was forced to pull over after the attackers smashed his windscreen with iron bars with glass flying into his face.

December 18: Crowd disturbances force the abandonment of Como's home match against Udinese in Serie A. Como fans reacted violently to the awarding of a penalty against their team in the second half, throwing flares and trying to invade the pitch.

Como's Brazilian defender Juarez was hit on the head by a missile as the players returned to the changing rooms. Fifteen minutes later the players returned to the pitch, but were again met with a hail of objects and the game was called off - Como were banned from playing at home for four games.

January 13: Thirteen policemen were injured, one seriously, following clashes with Atalanta fans at their game against Como played in Reggio Emilia.

January 28: Gianluca Grassadonia, a defender with Serie B club Cagliari had his car set on fire in apparent retaliation for scoring an own goal. Within days the club sold him to Serie A side Chievo.

:: LAZIO ROME - AS ROME       06/02/2003

 as rome fans of lazio and as rome were very excited long before this match. the fact, theyīll be playing eachother in the league cup was a good enough reason for them. there is nothing more special than derby match in italy. the fights were expected and came soon.

first incident started before the match right at the stadium. tifosi started to throw flares at eachother, smoke bomb and other stuff. they managed to set few seats on a fire as well, so ref had to wait, till pitch was clear. it took about 10 minutes for the police to calm the crowd down.

itīs quite interesting that there are always problems at these matches, but somehow hooligans manage to star the fights right at the stadium. amazing...

 lazio - rome

:: AS ROME - JUVENTUS       05/12/2002

as roma ultras tried to attack their rivals of juventus before the match, throwing stones against their buses. in one of the many clashes before the match one juventus fan has been stabbed.

juventus fans clashed with police during the game, throwing a couple of home-made bombs in the "tribuna monte mario", usualy calm sector. this caused the reaction of home hooligans, who started throwing themselves home-made bombs between juventus fans and policemen.

after the game juventus fans had to wait inside the sadium until 11.30 p.m. while outside the stadium ultras of as roma clashed against police. three cars of away supporters have been burnt and other three juventus fans have been stabbed in their legs. amazingly only two as roma fans have been arrested.

:: RIVER PLATE - BOCA JUNIORS       31/10/2002

in spite of a massive police operative, that was composed of exactly 1298 riot police, there were grave incidents in the packed with 60,000 fans Monumental Stadium. River Plate fans were repressed with teargas, and rubber bullets as they tried to avoid the police checkpoints and didn’t want to wait until the police opened up the exit gates, 40 minutes after the final whistle. The delay was caused by Boca Juniors fans that didn’t exit their  river place - boca juniors visiting terraces. The Boca Juniors fans decided to stay and celebrate and taunt the River Plate crowd who had to stay in their sections until the Boca fans left. On top of the fact that no Boca Juniors fans were exiting the stadium, it began to rain fiercely.

the River Plate fans had enough and decided to storm their way out of the terraces any way they could, this forced the police to step in and a hand to hand combat ensued. River Plate hooligans “Los Borrachos del Tablón/Drunkards of the Terrace” began ripping out benches and chairs and attempting to exit the grounds. it is customary for officials to detain the home crowd in the stadium for at least 15 minutes and or until the last of the visiting fans have exited the stadium, and the vicinities.

the police counterattacked with teargas, batons, and rubber bullets. the battle continued into the clubs’ installations. People were running everywhere, nobody could see anything, many people were affected by the teargas. the fans, mostly innocent bystanders were trapped on the staircases and when more police showed up from another gate the hell continued. the stadium’s eatery/food court was invaded by fans trying to get away from the fumes, but eventually the gas reached the halls and offices of the club, nobody was spared.

“we have 5 seriously injured officers, one police injury consisted of a nasal fracture,” said Cheroni. at least 6 fans had rubber bullet wounds to their legs. the fans were also involved in a confrontation with police up and down Udaondo street. there were 58 River Plate fans injured and were treatet at the Stadium’s medical department. 9 of the injured were taken to the Pirovano Hospital along with the injured police.

:: LAZIO - AS ROME       27/10/2002

 rome derby troubles at Stadio Olimpico before and during the "derby" Lazio/Roma, in front of 80.000 people. after a scuffle between Roma fans and some Lazio fans, where Lazio fans had to go back to their side, incidents took up near the Curva Sud of AS Roma between Roma ultras and police.

molotov has been threw with stones and flares against the cops, who used tear-gas. the clashes lasted about 40 minutes and many people went in without the ticket. a big puch came out in Tribuna Tevere between Lazio fans and Roma fans. all started when some Lazio fans threw flares against normal people. when the fourth flare was thrown the "old" ultras in the stand charged the Lazio fans, gaining half of the Tribuna Tevere, an usual calm sector.

12 people have been arrested and there have been several injuried due to the charges of the police.

:: PSG - MARSEILLE       26/10/2002

 psg - marseille in the stands, the PSG fans were celebrating but Marseille supporters were shouting their anger. in the 55th minute, they even stopped Ronaldinho from taking a corner by pelting him with firecrackers.

the referee had to halt play for five minutes until Marseille coach alain perrin came to talk to the supporters and managed to calm them down. skirmishes between PSG supporters and police firing teargas were also reported by eyewitnesses outside the ground, there were 61 arrests and 35 people were injured. the game was surrounded by a massive police operation with more than 2,000 policemen deployed in and around the stadium.

:: HEARTS - CELTIC       23/10/2002

football fans fought running battles on the streets outside tynecastle stadium after violence and sectarian abuse marred hearts’ match against celtic. mounted police were drafted in to separate the warring fans on the streets of gorgie after sectarian chants and banners brought an ugly atmosphere to the match.

a female steward was assaulted inside the ground and numerous supporters were thrown out of the stadium. various banners, including a union flag featuring the red hand of ulster and irish tricolours, were confiscated from both hearts and celtic supporters. hundreds of fans were caught up in the after-match trouble, which centred on several flashpoints involving smaller numbers of fans.

stewards and a ring of police officers were forced to surround a group of fans in the main stand enclosure in the dying minutes of the game, which was shown live on television, amid fears of a pitch invasion. violence then spilled out on to the streets around the stadium after the match, despite the heavy police presence. police officers on mounted horseback were seen charging up various streets to break up flashpoints and several supporters were arrested when police vehicles blocked off some roads.

it is understood a number of troublemakers had set off to ambush celtic supporters who were returning to their coaches. in one ugly incident, two supporters wearing celtic tops were set upon as they were walking along gorgie road. hundreds of fans watched in horror as an angry mob punched and kicked them before police officers swooped and arrests were made. at one point, police were forced to stop traffic going along gorgie road to allow them to deal with the flashpoints.

during the game chants of "rule britannia" and "no surrender to the ira" could clearly be heard from the home support. celtic fans who had been asked by their chairman to refrain from singing sectarian chants at away matches could clearly be heard singing pro-ira chants during the match. there were 12 ejections from the ground. eight people were arrested during the game. a further eight people were arrested after the game. those arrested were charged either with breach of the peace or public disorder offences."

:: CELTIC - RANGERS       8/10/2002

violence exploded last night in the wake of sunday's old firm match. police and ambulance services reported dozens of knife attacks and beatings as celtic and rangers fans clashed in booze-fuelled battles. strathclyde police arrested 32 people, 17 of them inside the stadium, after trouble flared at the end of the match, which ended 3-3. ambulance services and hospitals were working flat out throughout the night to cope with the injured fans.

worst hit were housing schemes and areas around pubs in glasgow, lanarkshire and paisley. one ambulance worker said: "these hooligans were just knocking lumps out of each other. it has been a very crazy night. it has been non-stop and the workers who finished their shift at 11pm were glad to get away. It has been hectic." fighting broke out almost as soon as the final whistle was blown and continued well into the early hours.

 celtic - rangers paramedics struggled to cope with the sheer number of casualties they were faced with. many of the victims were knifed or battered during fights between rival gangs of thugs outside busy pubs. an ambulance service spokeswoman said: "this has been our busiest night of the year so far. "all our crews were out answering calls and taking injured fans to hospital. we have been rushed off our feet. we expected a bit of trouble but this was way off the scale. it was just one call after another all night. fights have been breaking out all over the place and people have been getting slashed and beaten up in punch ups in the street or in pubs.

police said they had made 32 arrests by 10pm but were expecting to make more as the night wore on. one police officer said: "it was pandemonium out there. there were battles breaking out left, right and centre. we were going like a fair the whole night and we were expecting it to go on into the early hours of the morning. god knows what it would have been like if it hadn't been a draw."

shortly before the incident, a large firework was thrown on to the pitch. the device, which contained a series of smaller firecrackers, was reported to have been thrown from among the crowd of rangers supporters. violence also erupted close to belfast city centre yesterday shortly after the end of the nail-biting match. rival gangs clashed in the cromac street area soon after what was the most dramatic glasgow derby in many years. riot police moved in to separate the crowds, most of whom were wearing the colours of the scottish rivals. later, police came under fire in the westland road area of north belfast when gunmen shot at two security forces land rovers that were on patrol. no injuries were reported but a huge force of reinforcements swiftly moved in as crowds gathered and rioting began.

:: VIOLENCE IN SLOVAKIA       7/10/2002

70 hooligans went to this match (by one bus) + 2 cars. as soon we arrived to the town we have split into few smaller groups (5-10 people) and were enjoying ourselfs. 6 people got arrested, but were released just before the match.

 Trencin - SLOVAN there was about 250 our fans at the stadium and only about 10 security guards. after while we thought it would be funny to bring into our sector wooden box, where the tickets were sold before the match. we smashed it and use the wood against security and cops, which later on came to our sector. one policeman was taken to hospital. then we got call, there is about 30 - 35 trnava hooligans at the stadium. so about 70 lads went to look for them across the stadium. by the way they attacked home mouthy supporters. couldnīt find trnava hooligans, so we went back to our sector.

:: BIRMINGHAM BAN FAN FOR LIFE       29/09/2002

birmingham city officials have promised to hand a life ban to the fan who taunted goalkeeper peter enckelman on the pitch after his error handed the blues a 2-0 lead over aston villa.

 BIRMINGHAM - Aston Villa fans spilled onto the pitch after all three birmingham goals - and tv pictures showed a supporter goading and gesticulating at enckelman following his mistake. fa have begun an investigation into all the incidents during the game, and birmingham managing director karren brady said plans to track the fan down have already been put in place. 'we've worked together with the police and we have put his picture in the newspaper today. we are asking readers and supporters who have seen it to name and shame him so that the police can take the most aggressive action they can against him and the club can then ban that supporter for life.'

a few dozen fans came on the pitch at a moment of great excitement - birmingham and villa haven't played each other in a serious competition for 16 years.


uefa spokeman has said, that they will verify diorders, that happened at the champions league match between fc basel and spartak moscow.

 BASEL - Spartak Moscow referee claus bo larsen had to use an umbrella to protect himself against coins and botles, that have been thrown at him. match itself had to be stopped for few minutes because of the smoke bombs thrown by home fans. club is waiting for a punishment which should be financial fine or closed stadium for one match.

:: HAJDUK SPLIT - FULHAM       19/09/2002

it was before the match when fulham hools (about 10) accepted to fight with the same number of young hajduk casuals. during the fights fulham hools used bottles and glasses, they were near a caffe bar. a few fulham lads were badly injured. the fight lasted for a few minutes, and stopped only when the police came on the spot. three hajduk casuals were arrested. after the match was a few incidents, which resulted in lost of fulhamīs flag.

 hajduk - fulham  hajduk - fulham
 hajduk - fulham  hajduk - fulham
:: UJPEST - FERENCVAROS       14/09/2002

 ujpest - fradi there were some troubles between this hungarian derby. first fradi hools started fight with their security and police after being verbaly abused by a small group of ujpest fans.

then during the second half ujpest fans threw a petard at ferencvaros goalkeeper, which started another big fight between fradi hools and the police, which had to stay in their sector for the rest of the match. many plastic seats were broken and used as a weapon. you could say, that fradi hools completely destroyed away sector at the stadium.

it was told that damage caused by hools will cost over 600.000 forints.

:: AEK ATHENS - PANATHINAIKOS       14/09/2002

 aek - panathinaikos in the stadium of aek there have been real temptation of assault between the rival fans of both clubs. many seats have been broken and then used as weapon to be thrown. three big fires were set alight burning more than 1500 seats.

the police had to intervene with special fire brigade armoured vehicles. the police let the panathinaikos fans wait inside the stadium, until all incidents were over with aek ulras, in order to avoid any contact. one aek fan is in hospital after having fall from a tribune.

 aek - panathinaikos  aek - panathinaikos
 aek - panathinaikos  aek - panathinaikos  aek - panathinaikos

:: WATFORD - LUTON TOWN       10/09/2002

rival fans brawled on the pitch as violence erupted before this cup clash at vicarage road. two supporters were carried away on stretchers with blood pouring from head wounds after being beaten with pipes. police in riot gear restored order and the kick-off for this first-round tie was delayed 15 minutes.

the aggro exploded when more than 100 luton fans stormed over advertising hoardings and on to the pitch as the players were warming up and began taunting watford supporters. several hooligans rose to the bait and charged down the stands to the pitch. violence escalated as they threw punches and caused more luton supporters to rush into the melee carrying hoardings and sticks. one ripped out a corner flag and brandished it like a weapon. stewards appeared powerless to stop the trouble and watched as the crazed fans fought.

it was five minutes before one policeman came on to the scene. the players were ordered off the pitch for their own safety. as the violence became uglier, 40 policemen in riot gear raced on to the pitch and separated the warring factions. cops forced the invaders back into their seats and blocked off the area behind both goals.

:: RUSSIA - IRELAND       07/09/2002

it is reported that two irish fans have been injured in moscow as trouble flared ahead ireland's euro 2004 group qualifier against russia. the two men were hurt when several dozen supporters were involved in a confrontation outside macdonald's restaurant on tverskaya avenue, near the kremlin.

another scuffle occurred close to the rossiya hotel near red square, where eight more people were injured, with two requiring hospital treatment. moscow police have said most of those hurt were non-russians.

:: LITHUANIA - GERMANY       06/09/2002

there where 2 good fights between lithuanian ultras and german hools before the match. on friday about 40 lithuanian ultras atacked some mixed german mob (20 - 25 hools) near the vilnius central stadium. 2 minutes long fight, some 7 - 8 injured germans 3 of them are in hospital and 2 - 3 lithuanians.

germans used chairs and glasses in action, it was good fight as still germans lost. then riot police arrived to ground and some lads from each sides got arested.

on the next day 3 hours befor the game fight started in the center of the kaunas city. lithuanian mob with 50 ultras clashed against some 30 german hooligans. unfortunaly fight was short course police forces arived. about 5 germans were injured.


a man has died in hospital four days after suffering horrific head injuries in a pre-match fight between 50 aik stockholm and ifk gothenburg supporters in a park in south stockholm on monday (29th of july). he is sweden's first football hooligan-related death.

26-year-old ifk gothenburg supporter had been in a coma since monday after having been kicked in the head and beaten with an iron bar, according to eye witnesses.

īdespite all attempts, his life was impossible to save,' hospital karolinska sjukhuset press officer margareta hamark told swedish news agency TT. 'he was declared dead at 6:37 (swedish time) when no brain activity was registered.'

police have questioned eye witnesses since monday but are yet to arrest anyone for the incident they are viewing as a likely murder. 'the damages were so serious that whoever caused them must have known what they could lead to,' stockholm police officer ulf goranzon said.

:: RAPID VIENNA - ARSENAL FC       29/07/2002

arsenal players thierry henry, sylvain wiltord and ray parlour had to run for safety last night as hooligans rioted, causing the abandonment of a pre-season friendly with rapid vienna.

manager arsene wenger told his team to make a dash for cover as rival groups of vienna thugs fought in the small austrian town of eisenstadt.

violence erupted midway through the second half, with planks of wood and missiles being thrown in the stands. the referee suspended play after 66 minutes with the game goalless. several hundred arsenal fans were present, although not involved in the trouble.

there was an 11-minute holdup before wenger spoke to the referee. play then resumed for a minute before both teams made a sprint for the dressing-rooms.

wenger said: 'i was worried from the moment we came into the ground. it was an extremely hostile atmosphere and the lack of security was worrying. we agreed to play on until we reached the far end of the stadium where we could run to safety.'


russian champions spartak moscow failed to close the gap on premier league leaders lokomotiv after being held to a 2-2 draw at mid-table shinnik yaroslavl on saturday.

the match was marred by clashes between police and several hundred spartak supporters - considered some of the most violent in the country - who made the short trip to yaroslavl, about 200 kilometres east of moscow. russian television showed riot police charging the visiting fans after shinnik scored their second goal early in the second half. no injuries or arrests were reported.


coach of croatian club dinamo zagreb was shocked by the violence of clubīs fans after their friendly match against liberec in austria. he is seriously thinking about leaving dinamo. group of drunk hooligans, known as ībad blue boysī attacked the police and tried to damage facilities of the stadium. police had to use tear gas to calm the hooligans down. six rowdies was arrested later on at the border.

violence started after their team lost 0:2 to the czech champions. theyīve turned their anger at coach blazevic and striker davor suker as well. suker came to the match only as a visitor and found his car slightly damaged after it. "itīs disgusting, iīm seriously thinking about leaving the club" said blazevic.


there was a hard fight at the disco at night from saturday to sunday in polish ustronia, where hooligans were involved. tens of hooligans from poland, czech republic and slovakia (gks katowice, banik ostrava and trnava) tried to enter, already crowded, local disco bar in small town ustronia. they were told by bouncers, that they will not let them in and a big fight started.

hooligans fought with bouncers, police, special force and also other football rowdies from bks bielsko biala, who were already at the disco. it took about 20 minutes to calm the group down and 36 people were then arrested. one cop was seriously hurt and taken to the hospital.

hooligans were returning from their friendly tournament in the town near by. those three clubs have a good friendship.


very strange thing happened in bulgaria. one fanatic follower of manchester united has won the court after two year old case and he may be officialy renamed from marin zdravkov to manchester united. this sad 73 year old lives with his mum, which he calls david beckham.


celebrations in germany turned into vileonce, after german footballers went into final. there were some troubles in mannheim and dusseldorf, were hundreds of skinheads went to the streets and started to burn shops, clashed with the police, some bottles were thrown. 141 hooligans were arrested.

one policeman was taken into hospital, after being hit with bottle into head. police are waiting for today, when turks play brazil. there live hundreds of turks in germany and more clashes are expected.

:: 64 PEOPLE WERE ARRESTED SO FAR       17/06/2002

the world cup has turned into second half and the policie confirmed, that they have arrested 64 rowdies so far. and most of them come from japan.

six japanesse were arrested after the small clashes with police after the match against russia. one car was burned as well. most fans were arrested after they started fire-works at the main square, which is illegal in japan.

japan were well prepared for potentional troublemakers, for each match there has been over 8.000 cops in duty and mostly at the england matches. only 12 englishmen were arrested so far and other 15 were not allowed to enter the country.


acording to russian news and pappers, there has been another dead person found underneath the rubbish on one street. and itīs a cop, who was stabbed to death. government minister boris gryzlov said he wants to fidn the victims of the hardest violence since 1990, that hit russia.

there have been more accidents over the night. one chineese and one indian was badly beaten in undergroud station. also one hostel packed with vietnamese was smashed around midnight. altogether there were two people killed, 73 hurt including 18 policemen, only 113 people were arrested from about 8.000 people who were involved in clashes.


one man has died and at least 20 have been injured in riots in russia following their world cup defeat to japan. a press photographer says he saw a mutilated corpse left lying on the street during the chaos in moscow. thousands went on the rampage, overturning cars and setting fire to them in the city centre. the trouble erupted just outside the kremlin and lasted for more than an hour. russian fans had been watching their national team lose 1-0 to the co-hosts on a big screen set up nearby.

witnesses say several cars had been set on fire near the state duma, russia's lower house of parliament, located half a mile from the kremlin. they also broke shop windows, fought among themselves, throwing empty beer bottles at each other. some of them were wrapped in the russian tricolor. thousands of fans marched through the streets chanting "forward, russia!"

the interfax news agency also reported that five exchange students from japan had been beaten on a nearby street. the riots erupted after japan scored its goal but before the match had ended. police officers did not arrive until almost an hour later when most of the aggressive fans had left the area.


two english fans were charged with attack on policemen before the friendly match in portugal. 28 year old and two years older rowdies were in the same group, that attacked secret policemen in the town. one of them is from sheffield and the other from pool. there will be probably no more charges, as nobody was seriously hurt (i say, do the job properly next time). altogether there was over 2000 english fans in portugal following their team.


to choose dinamo zagreb against hajduk split as a friendly match is not the best idea. the match had to be called off after 37. minutes because police was not able to end the violence at the terracess. dinamo players were whisked away after a knife landed next to their substitutes bench. as well as some glasses and stones. altogether 5 policemen and 4 fans were hurt during this friendly, which took part in tournament in siroki brijeg in bosnia.

:: HONOR TO UTREG HOOLIGAN       7/1/2004

utreg fans decided to honor their lost hooligan during first round against roosendaal. they set on fire flares so it would make letter M, because his name was maarten. he was a young hooligans, who killed himself last year. the match they were lighting one flare after the other during the second half of the match.

:: 2000 ENGLISH WILL NOT TRAVEL       4/2/2004

british police wants to prevent violence of their fans at euro 2004 by stopping the most notorious from travelling. so far only 2000 fans will not make the trip in june, because they will be not able to leave the country. these are fans, which were arrested at football in last 5 years. police is now gathering more evidence against next fans. itīs expected, that england will have most fans in portugal among the portugal.


during the italian cup match between as rome and ac milan was cameraman of italian sky hurt by thrown flare. burnt out flare was thrown from home sector. he had his nose broke only.

:: POLICE WILL BE READY FOR EURO 2004       15/1/2004

portugese home secretary antonio figueiredo lopes said, that police will be well prepared for european championships in 2004. he said it in reaction to accusation that police in his country is not equipped and fully trained. lopes said, that he has almost 17 mil. euros from the government for the safety device. they bought already 150 new police cars, including first water cannon in the country, tear-gas, trained dogs and other equipment. more than 3 milion people are expected to visit portugal during euro 2004.

:: CSKA - SPARTAK MOSCOW FIGHT       10/1/2004

when boss of Rabinovic Crew of cska moscow maxim t. is celebrating his birthday, he has to do it in big style. he has chosen large pub in centre of moscow and invited about 210 cska hooligans. among with cska, there were some dinamo moscow hard boys as well. at about 5 pm, just when the party started, pub was attacked by 150 hooligans of spartak moscow. the fight lasted for about 10 minutes and cska didnīt manage to defend their pub! even though they were using glass, bars and still six cska leaders ended in hospital. nobody was arrested, because police came about hour after the fight. it was very good and surprise action by spartak moscow!

:: NEC - PSV EINDHOVEN (FRIENDLY)       8/1/2004

solid groups of 50 nec hools and 80 rowdies from eindhoven met in nijmegen at the friendly match. during the match they have contacted eachother and met in park goffertweide. while shouting they ran against themselfs and fight has started. police was watching it, gave some warnings through megaphone, but didnīt strike. even though there were some glases in the air, it was fair fight, which ended after few minutes as a draw. home supporters went to the pubs and eindhoven to their cars and left the city. there were some smaller fights during the day and about 20 people were arrested later. excellent day!


fighting broke out in moscow city centre on Saturday between rival russian and welsh football fans hours before a Euro 2004 playoff first-leg tie, police said. a police spokesman said 10 russians, who had started the trouble, were detained after the clashes outside the rossiya hotel near the kremlin.

russian news agencies said firecrackers were thrown from a crowd of about 400 russian supporters at the welsh fans. riot police were called in at one point but no serious injuries were reported. 'police had to break up fighting. there were 10 russian hooligans detained. The Welsh fans went off in a bus to the stadium,' a Police spokesman said.

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